Using Endorsements or Testimonials? 
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FTC actively monitors endorsements and testimonials on websites and in product literature, often with FDA.  
Dietary supplement brands and their retailers,  need to look closely at the wording of their
endorsements and testimonials.
It's not enough to say that your results may not be typical. 
Ingredient Suppliers are equally liable for what they say or post and may be held accountable for initiating false or misleading claims.
For details, follow this link:

FTC's Guides Governing Endorsements & Testimonials

Canada's Natural Health Product Directorate
offers a lot of information on their ingredients that they will allow to be in a natural health product.  Keep in mind that their perspective differs from the US FDA's.   Natural Health Products may often make drug-type claims but the claims are determined by the ingredients.
For more, follow this link

NHPD - Health Canada

                                                                                                      Take the Path to Regulatory Compliance in Stride

Regulatory Environment for Dietary Supplements

Need a Good Basic Guide to Dietary Supplement GMPs?
Read this FDA Guidance Document:

   Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling, or Holding
             Operations for Dietary Supplements
Small Entity Compliance Guide   
It may not cover every detail but it gives enough information about FDA's current thinking and a good snapshot of their enforcement priorities           
              To access, use this link:  Dietary Supplements:  SECG 


How did we get to today's requirements?

FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT  ... It's going to change more than you think
The full impact of FSMA hasn't penetrated our industry yet.   Supplement manufacturers can expect that component material producers must be using risk-based quality management strategies such as HACCP or FMEA.  Now is the time to think about using this requirement as part of the Supplier Qualification process.    FDA will be issuing more for us to think about soon.

Web Wisdom!
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Search the Federal Code of Regulations for rules on GMP, Claims and Claims language, Labeling 

Browse FDA's posted version of the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act for Dietary Ingredient info & more

Read the Food GMPs or cruise through the Dietary Supplement GMPs that start at 21CFR111 

Visit an official EU site and get up to speed on their Nutrition and Health Claims